Who we are

Indo-China Promotion Council is a non-profit organisation with the objective to promote business, trade and economic relations.

ICPC creates the much needed bridge between the two countries through flourishing Trade & Commerce, Art & Culture, Education, Travel & Tourism, Science & technology.

“Nay, be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought.” ~ By Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps that’s the best way one can define trade. Commerce is merely successful when the aim is only financial gains. Business flourishes with exchange of ideas, views, culture and other ideologies. India and China have been survivors of their own kinds, both economic and historic. Both have experienced metamorphosis in politics, economy, culture, education and in other facets. At the Indo China Promotion Council we believe in joining hands, blending both Indian and Chinese expertise to facilitate global trade and relations.

Copenhagen: Point of Indo-China Convergence

In 2009, Indo China Relations preserved the momentum of stable development against the backdrop of a global financial crisis and radically changing international situation. Both these countries experienced high-levels of communications at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. This generated three essential positive trends.


Though both sides maintained recurrent exchanges in economic, political, and defense concerns they also had active interactions between political parties, parliaments and in education and culture. Bilateral cooperation had extended in international affairs. Both Indian and Chinese governments joined hands to combat trade protectionism and also helped in the progress of Doha-round talks.


The bilateral relation has become increasingly mature in the forthcoming years. India and China are emerging economies and neighbors, often witness’s stress that is an outcome of history or conflicts generating from dissimilar interests. Yet the respective governments’ have attempted to evaluate bilateral relations with a holistic and long term view.


The public view in assisting Indo-China bilateral relations is becoming more consolidated gradually. Citizens of both these countries are completely aware that their co-operation would benefit both sides, and confrontation will retard progress. The Indo-China synergy would not only benefit two trading partners but also foster peace, development in Asia and round the globe.

India and China - Their Way Forward

Back in the mid 1950’s India and China had jointly initiated the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, or the Panchsheel that holds strong till date. The world today is in a constant state of flux. Both these countries are major driving forces in the world economy.

However, to attain this stage individually they have to cross a solitary path. They have risen to heights of success independently. What if these two powers join hands? Which means not just mere cordial co-relations, but rather extending hands to connect and join hearts, to share their thoughts and philosophies?

The moment has arrived when India and China needs to factor their civilization strength in promoting bilateral ties. Their success in this field would pave the way for the 21st century’s emergence as an Asian century.


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