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The Great Wall of China is much more than an architectural splendor. It is a dimension by itself. The sandstone colored rocks of wall narrates China’s battles and victories and echoes the land’s philosophy. At the same time, history comes alive when you walk past by the Karakul Lake or Tibetan towers of Western Sichuan. Similarly, travelers and researchers always wondered the healing powers that the steps of Konark Temple in India have curing leprosy. At the same time, the Taj Mahal never fails to narrate the saga of love to the one who gazes at its reflection on the lake while the moon is up the zenith.

Travel and tourism in India and China is an emerging business sector. Indian economy is recovering fast owing to its competent fiscal policies. The rising purchasing power, emerging middle class and increased awareness acts as a catalyst for the growth of travel and tourism. Campaigns such as “Safe and Honorable Tourism” would enhance India’s image as a secure destination. On the other hand eye catching events such as the Guangzhou Asia Games and Shanghai Expo with greater media exposure encourages tourism in China. In order to pace up the travel and tourism industry China State Council came up with a new strategic tourism plan towards the end of 2009 that gives emphasis on domestic tourism along with international tourism. Thus the territorial attractions present both in India and China is conducive to travel fairs, theme holidays, and educational, historical, industrial tours. This act as familiarization trips that lead to greater business opportunities between two nations.


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