Traditional Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is an age old system that originates from the patterns of nature and then applies the same to the human body. It is neither new age in nature nor a work of alternative healing modalities. It is rather a medical system that has been into practice for five thousand years or more. Its philosophy is to cure the root cause of the illness and not merely the symptoms taking into consideration the body, mind, spirit and even the emotion.

Something similar is the philosophy of traditional Indian medicine as well. Historians and scholars always remained in awe of the Indian yogis, their stature and longevity. The sun worship, yogic postures, herb potions are different facets of traditional cures. The term Ayurveda is synonymous to India and is an ancient medical practice and dates back to the Vedic period in 15BCE. The Chinese “Chi” energy finds is Indian relevance in the Vedic concept of “Pranashakti” (Life Force) in Yoga and meditation.

India has taken a step ahead in Vedic cures and is developing centers all over the country. The Southern part however scores high as of now. China too coming up with cures to chronic ailments with its traditional Zen meditations, QuiGong arts, Tai Chi and so on. Medical workshops, seminars, tours would certainly facilitate sharing the medical know-how that both these nations have. Going forward, these practices can be imbibed by the medical institutes to their treatment portfolio.


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