Indo China Film Festival

Film festivals have become a widespread phenomenon over the last fifty years and are leading events establishing the reputation of film professionals and constitute a well-established field in itself. Studying India and China you may ask why the public authorities of these cities aim to establish their own film festivals in an already saturated field of international film festivals. But the answer is pretty simple, Cinema acts as a cultural bonding between countries and the Indo China Film Festival is a step towards promoting cultural exchanges between India and China, this film festival will promote co-operation and exchange of ideas between the Chinese and Indian film industries, and contribute to the development of the cinema of both the nations.

Culture can only thrive if people consume more cultural products. Indo China Promotion Council aims to create a new global perception of the Indian and the Chinese film industry by providing a platform to increase the power of the film industry and spread its culture. A blend of typical traits of the Chinese cinema like the realism and focus on women, polished ideological melodramas, masculine kinetics of their heroes and philosophical approach, with the quality and the scenic beauty of images, the extreme choreography, the action sequences of the Indian film industry would set a new paradigm in the International Market.

The Indian and Chinese film industries are witnessing increased corporatization and have the potential to evolve as the star performers of their respective economies. Beijing is home to many filmmakers and films. In China, 4 new cinema screens are opened every day, the national box office doubles every year, and the economic resources available to the production houses continues to grow manifold ,on the other hand India's film and television industry contributes an immense $6.2 billion (Rs 28,305 crores) to the Indian Economy. This data reflects the potential of the Chinese and Indian film industries to position themselves better in the International market and gain greater financial advantage.

In short the film festival would combine the countries’ cultural and historical essence, unique ethnic, regional and cultural characteristics that would help developing films, International audiences would understand, without losing the original nature that resonates with the Chinese and Indian audiences thereby setting an artistic high water mark.


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