The Chinese education system is considered as the largest globally. Reports indicate more than 20 million students enroll in higher education institutions in China. A glimpse back to China’s glorious past would reveal that China introduced compass, that helped the explorers and voyageurs navigate their journey. On the other hand India brought in the concept of “zero”, without which mathematics, science and technology would loose its existence. China also brought in paper, gunpowder and silk and India facilitated mathematics and developments in metallurgy. Furthermore, Takshila University, the world’s first university in 700BC was situated 50km west of Rawalpindi, in India.

Academics they say contributes to the overall framework of an individual or a nation. India and China has been approximately US $40 billion market, having the inspirational partners for one another. Going by latest reports Indian education sector occupies approximately US $40 billion market, having the potential for 16% five-year CAGR spanning across kindergarten segment, tutoring, private professional colleges, vocational training, preschool, and higher education institutions. China too on the other hand has a consistent teacher development system and is evolving in new age and management studies.

Education therefore can pave a path for both these countries to have student exchange programs, education exhibitions, and competitive exams for young and adult. Learning becomes a complete experience when one can contribute back to the source, promoting enhanced economic and academic development.


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